Donations are the key to success for any political campaign. We appreciate any and all financial help we can get along the way.

Ways to Donate

Here are some ways you can make a donation to Nicole Kieley’s campaign for the 2017 by-election in Mount Pearl North. Please remember that all donations required your name, phone number, address, and postal code.

Cheque or Money Order

Must be written out to: Nicole Kieley NDP Campaign

Drop off or mail out to: 15 Sinnott Place, St. John’s, NL, A1G 1L1


Must be no more than $100.

Email to

Security question: First name of Nicole’s sister

Security answer: Ashley


Submit in person at the campaign headquarters. You must fill out the blue financial contribution form


Tax Credits

Tax credit are only to a maximum of $1150.00 but there are NO CAPS for donations by individuals, corporations and unions.

  • 75% of first $100.00 of total contributions
  • 50% of next $450.00 of total contributions
  • 33.3% of next $550.00 of total contributions up to $1150.00