Supporting Growth

  • Expanding an economy that supports a person’s decision to live, work, and build in Mount Pearl North.
  • Supporting small and diverse businesses that offer better opportunities for people in the district.
  • Ensuring the interests of the district are strongly heard and voiced at all development planning, including the Galway project.

Helping Families

  • Creating accessible, affordable and quality childcare options that offer real choices for everyone.
  • An education strategy that addresses overcrowding, class size ratios and needed classroom supports.
  • Supporting affordable and supportive housing for seniors, working families and people in need.
  • Ensuring that the displacement of families and seniors is not a viable health strategy.

Caring in our Community

  • Creating healthy and inclusive neighborhoods where everyone has access to recreation and wellness programs.
  • Supporting the immeasurable work of groups, leagues, and associations that foster wellness, creativity and community connection.
  • Ensuring that youth have a strong voice in community solutions.