About Nicole Kieley


Nicole, with her siblings Ryan Kieley and Ashley Kieley, grew up in the district of Mount Pearl North along with her mom and dad, Diane and Don Kieley. Her mom and dad decided that Mount Pearl was a place that they wanted to raise a family. For a working family where Diane worked days at the Salt Fish Corporation while Don worked nights at Canada Post, they needed a community that would help take care of its people. They saw all the strengths and hope of this community and made the choice to buy a home and add to the city’s diversity.


While attending St. Peters Primary, Elementary and O’Donel High School, Nicole was a dedicated volunteer that loved to mentor others and strongly serve her community. She acted as a coach for the Mount Pearl Soccer Association, a member of youth Ventures Program with Scouts Canada, and a member of the Anti-Vandalism Campaign. After graduating, Nicole continued to support her community by helping form the Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl (AAMP), coordinating events for Mount Pearl’s Frosty Festival, and mentoring young girls as a Sparks Leader.


Nicole’s love for community has informed her 20 years of leadership experience within the anti-violence and social sector.  Her roles have included Executive Director for Women in Resource Development Corporation (WRDC), and presently the Executive Director with the NL Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre Inc. Her passion for helping people is why she has chosen to serve Mount Pearl North. She has dedicated much of her life to supporting people in need, those who have had every system fail them and where choices seemed impossible. She listens, is empathetic and, together with community, she finds a way. She has an affinity for finding a ‘yes’ in a sea of ‘nos’’. Her work, passion and fortitude makes her a strong and relentless constituency candidate.


As a successful small business owner, Nicole has the needed financial skills and insight that will help build a thriving local economy. She deeply values the contributions of small, sustainable and innovative businesses in Mount Pearl North. Additionally, her leadership work with Women in Resource Development Corporation has honed her skills of effective negotiation and engagement within the resource sector. She intends to be a strong voice for entrepreneurs, business owners and operators within the district.