Why I Want to Serve Mount Pearl North

I was very lucky enough to grow up in Mount Pearl. My mom and dad decided when I was just a toddler that Mount Pearl was a place that they wanted to raise a family. For a working family, where mom worked days at the Salt Fish Corporation while dad worked nights and Canada Post, they needed a community that would help take care of its people.

A caring community for my parents was affordable housing, green spaces and trails that we could play in, quality childcare that could work with their budget and schedule, schools that offered valuable afterschool programs and supports, safe and supportive neighborhoods that were accepting and that looked after each other, and a vibrant array of arts, recreation and community programs that enriched our lives.

They saw all the strengths and hope of this community and made the choice to live, engage and add to its diversity. While that choice was made about 33 years ago, it’s amazing that the reasons why my family chose Mount Pearl are also many of the reasons why I want to serve the community today.

My love for helping communities is also a big reason why I have put myself forward. I’ve dedicated much of my life to supporting people in need and it has informed my 20 years of leadership experience within the anti-violence and social sector. I listen, I’m emphatic and together with community, I find a way. I have an affinity for finding a ‘yes’ in a sea of ‘no’s.

It’s my love for the city of Mount Pearl, passion for strong community advocacy and ability to work together with many good people, from all sides, that I put myself forward as a strong and committed New Democratic Party candidate for Mount Pearl North.